Summer Breeze
NASA Southeast Region
Virginia International Raceway, July, 2015

 I bet that thing is overheating with all that grass in the radiator inlet.
Honda Challenge

One of my favorite "going away" shots at VIR, with the flag and barn in the background. Heat haze off the car adds a nice touch.
BMW 330 Spec E46

Spec E30 continues to be a popular class in NASA competition
BMW Spec E30

National level Spec Miata driver Danny Steyn leads his teammate.

      Super unlimited is just that- a catch all class that allows big horsepower and unlimited chassis restrictions- even old Daytona Protoypes like this Crawford fit in.
The Spec Miata field takes the green flag with its great number of competitors
Spec Miata

Mustangs look good in Competition Orange, like this one that was in DE.
Ford Mustang

A Corvette Z-06 is a good choice if you want to run in TT like this one does.
Corvette Z06

Spec Miata National Champion Mark Drennan tries his hand at Spec E46

Chump Classic?
Chumpcar 24hr Classic
Virginia International Raceway, July 2015

Teams on pitlane doing final prep for the start of the race.

Amazing colored light. As a photographer this is a big reason to love the 24 hour race

Red Rooster racing, doing it wrong....

Chumps aren't afraid of side by side racing, three and four wide like here on the front straight is common.

Fantastic backlighting in this shot. One of my favs from the weekend.

Chumps have a good sense of humor as witnessed by the livery of this MIB themed Crown Vic. Notice the  "Camel Tow" sticker.
crown vic men in black MIB

VIR's uphill esses towards turn 10 make a great time-lapse shot at night

Sheriff's decals and LED's make this car pop out of  the evening sunset

BMW Art Car inspired paint (tape?) job makes this Civic fast

It gets DARK at VIR. Here Brickhouse Racing's BMW is lit up by the car behind them.

A gaggle of Chumps heads towards NASCAR bend

Turn 10 at dusk

Dawn and the charge is still on....

Two generations of Z under the Nissan Bridge

I admit it. Photo by Samsung Galaxy S6. Hell it turned out nice! Taken from the starter stand.

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